Sapekhati Colllege, a premier institution in Sapekhati has been providing higher education in the Arts stream since its  establishment in the year 1988. From its insception, a lot of dedicated teachers strive to bring the college as a leading institution of Dibrugarh University. It has been playing a key role in the academic up-liftment of disadventurous students of Sapekhati and its surrounding areas. The provincialization of the college in 2013 has added a new strength to the college. We are trying our best to prepare our students to meet the changing needs of the modern world.  Therefore, we are fully committed to raise the college as a preeminent institution.

        It’s my earnest request to all the stakeholders to keep the spirit, vision and the mission of the college and to walk earnestly for the prosperous future of the college and the society.